Hypnosis is an altered state of mental awareness, during which the subconscious mind becomes actively receptive to suggestion or direct conditioning. A change in the mental process is achieved by lulling the physical body and conscious mind into an extremely relaxed and positive condition-closely resembling natural sleep.

Ideally the body goes to “sleep” and the mind remains awake


DR. Jean Batronite - Behavior Counselor, Hypnotist 

Dr. Jean Batronie has dedicated her career for over 45 years to bringing credibility to hypnosis as a unique tool for education and self improvement. A pioneer in making hypnosis acceptable to the public and the corporate world, she has made amazing inroads toward that end. She is the owner and founder of Brandon Hypnosis since 1987.

Thousands of people have been helped with her seminars sponsored not only by non-profit organizations such as American Lung Association affiliates, but by companies such as Ford, AT&T, Ford Parts & Service Division, Michigan Bell and EDS General Motors.

The popularity of her program can be attributed to a high value of entertainment, as well as, the dual level of education she presents.

First, the intellectual, conscious, logical level is the type delivered by many first rate public speakers, especially the top of the National Speaking Association, of which Jean is a former leading member.

Second, the emotional, subconscious, feeling level is a type unique to Jean's presentations. With hypnosis, she demonstrates how the mind works and with participants involvement – integrates the principles being taught as natural behavior.

In short, participants not only see immediate, on the spot behavior changes as Jean makes principles come to life, but also realize ongoing life improvements.